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Oregon Tattoo Licensing  

Here is what you'll need to become a licensed tattoo artist in Oregon. 

  • Artist must be 18 years old

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent

  • CPR certification

  •  Blood-borne pathogen certification

  •  Complete a tattoo artist licensing program at a tattoo school that is approved by the higher education coordinating commission. 

Oregon Tattoo Program Requirements 

School and course work approved by the higher education coordination commission


210 Theory Hours Including

  • Needles and Needles Bars

  • Tattoo Machines

  • Safety and Infection control 

  • Equipment/Supplies 

  • Color Theory/Pigments

  • Design, Art & Placement 

  • ​Skin & Disorders of the skin 

  • Business Operations 

  • State Laws and Rules 

  • Client Services 

Practical Hours Including 

  • 50 Tattoo Procedures

We Exceed Oregon's Requirements

In addition to state requirements, students have the potential to acquire up to 520 additional hours, allowing maximized learning. We've added subjects that will help everybody succeed in the tattoo industry. 

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