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Flash Events Uniting Tattoos, Fun, and Philanthropy

Flash events are unique and exciting gatherings that revolve around tattoos, fun, and giving back to the community. These spontaneous events pop up a few times a year, offering participants the opportunity to get inked while supporting charitable causes. With surprise announcements, email reminders, and a strong community spirit, these flash events create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact.


Two dates hold a special place on the flash event calendar: Friday the 13th and October 31st. On these spooky dates, tattoo enthusiasts gather to embrace the thrill of the unexpected and celebrate their love for body art. Friday the 13th flash events are infused with mystique, superstitions, and a touch of spookiness, while the Halloween-themed event on October 31st combines the festive spirit with the excitement of getting inked.

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Tattooed Back

July 14th 

Pride Event

October 13th

Friday the 13th 

Halloween String Lights

October 31st


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